2011 – Jan 2012


I worked on Smart OSC from 2011 to Jan 2012. I was working on this company as senior PHP backend developer for e-commerce project.

I created:

  • Some diagrams for this project, such as: data flow diagram, classes diagram.
  • Use MVCS (model – view – controller – service) for this website.
  • Develop this project with my teammate. Our team has there people.

Unfortunately, this project is failed, and website can not launch. However I learn many thing after this project, such as: coding convention, unit-test, layer of source code, … I love to create good architecture for source code. And I think it is the most important part of any project. Good architecture will help us to maintain, debug easily.

You can see SmartOSC website in below link: http://www.smartosc.com/