Butter Knife: Field and method binding for Android views

Use @Bind to remove findViewById function

public void bind(ExampleActivity activity) {
  activity.subtitle = (android.widget.TextView) activity.findViewById(2130968578);
  activity.footer = (android.widget.TextView) activity.findViewById(2130968579);
  activity.title = (android.widget.TextView) activity.findViewById(2130968577);

We can use ButterKinife library to write above code again:

@Bind(R.id.title) TextView title;
@Bind(R.id.subtitle) TextView subtitle;
@Bind(R.id.footer) TextView footer;

We can see that the second block is shorter and clearer than the first one.

Use @Bind to bind listener

Listeners can also automatically be configured onto methods.

public void submit(View view) {
  // TODO submit data to server...


With ButterKnife we can write code shorter and clearer than default solution. This one is useful and easy to use library. Because instruction of this library is very easy, I will not write detail. You can see detail in below link: ButterKnife

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