Android horizontal ListView by RecyclerView


Horizontal listview is special view in Android. In the part, developers need other library to implement horizontal listview.

Currently we only need RecyclerView, it is a library of Android SDK. Moreover, it is very easy to use.

How to use

    1. Add RecyclerView library to project
      Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.53.55
    2. Sample code of Android
      You can see detail of sample code in this link of Android website
    3. How to draw horizontal listview
      After two above steps, we need to config to draw horizontal listview.
LinearLayoutManager layoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(context, LinearLayoutManager.HORIZONTAL, false);


In summary, RecyclerView is a new library to replace ListView, GridView, or StaggeredGridView. We don’t need to use other library to implement above views. RecyclerView is powerful and lightweight library for Android developer.

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