Jan 2012 – April 2014


From Jan 2012 to April 2014, i was working on Viettel Software. Viettel is the biggest software and telephone corporation of Viet Nam. In Viettel, I was working as J2EE and Android developer. I learn about discipline from Viettel. This corp is military corp of Viet Nam.

I was working on OTT (over the top) project. Currently this project is published on Google Play and AppStore with name MOCHA (it is similar to Facebook messenger, wechat, …). User can send message over internet (3G, wifi, …) with this app.

When working on OTT project, I learn about Android and XMPP protocol, and solve problem with poor quality internet and low quality devices. It is hard time however I learn a lot. Moreover, I have time to research Voice over IP technology and a lot of technique to transfer voice packet over internet.

You can see MOCHA and Viettel in below link: